Photo A journey in Brasil : don't forget to bring your bikini !

A journey in Brasil : don't forget to bring your bikini !

Brazil is a popular tourist destination with its fascinating landscape and beaches. In addition to its great museums and carnivals, Brazil is endowed with fantastic beaches which add to the beauty of this country.

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From Rio de Janeiro to Natal and other areas, there are fantastic beaches to discover and outstanding tourist resorts to stay to make your trip unforgettable. So, don't forget to bring your bikini!

What are the most popular tourist venues for a beach vacation in Brazil?

  • Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro: It is a venue for the most notable event in Brazil. Live concerts from reputable singers and groups take place at the Copacabana beach, which attracts thousands of people. The beach also hosts New Year's Eve celebration every year.
  • Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro: This is home to footvolley, which is a combination of football and volleyball. It is also a popular place for surfing and socializing. If you want to taste the local beer, Ipanema beach is the right place to go.
  • Ilha Grande Praia Lopes Mendes beach, an island in the east coast of Rio de Janeiro: This island has quite many untouchable beaches, waterfalls and mountains. Its scenery is breathtaking. One of the most popular activities is trekking to Lopes Mendes from Abraao, Ilha Grande.

And there are still more

  •  Jericoacoara beach, Natal: renowned as the tropical paradise, with its excellent beaches and a national park. This is a wonderful vacation spot.
  •  Ponta Negra beach, Natal: This is the ideal place for socializing and for nightlife at the beach. Several restaurants, bars, and shops are open days and nights for beachgoers.
  •  Espelhio beach, Bahia: This is a picturesque sandy beach, which is an excellent venue for kids. The water is crystal blue, which is quite relaxing.
  •  Ossos beach, Buzious: The beach is in a peninsula, not too far from Rio de Janeiro. It is a wonderful venue for lovers.

What do you need to know if you are ready to travel to Brazil?

Brazil is a safe country. However, due to poverty, it is not advisable for travelers to wear valuable jewelry and accessories when you go there. You have to be careful not to display your money in front of people.

As a tourist, it is a good idea to keep your camera in a travel bag, rather than hanging it on your neck. Even so, Brazil has many fantastic beaches and tourist attractions. It is a good place for socializing and having fun.

If you order a beer at the beach, it is customary to share it, even with a stranger. Drinking your beer alone means that you are not sociable, and quite selfish, which seems rude to Brazilians. But whether you go there for business or tourism, don't forget to bring your bikini.